Solar System Dynamics

by Carl D. Murray and Stanley F. Dermott

Chapter 8

Resonant Perturbations

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  1. Structure of the Solar System
  2. The Two-Body Problem
  3. The Restricted Three-Body Problem
  4. Tides, Rotation and Shape
  5. Spin-Orbit Coupling
  6. The Disturbing Function
  7. Secular Perturbations
    1. Introduction
    2. The geometry of resonance
    3. The physics of resonance
    4. Variation of orbital elements
    5. Resonance in the circular restricted three-body problem
    6. The pendulum model
    7. Libration width
    8. The Hamiltonian approach
      1. The e and e' resonances
      2. The e2, e'2, I2 and I'2 resonances
      3. The e3 and e'3 resonances
      4. The ee' and II' resonances
    9. The 2:1 resonance
      1. Exact resonance
      2. Medium amplitude libration
      3. Large amplitude libration
      4. Apocentric libration
      5. Internal circulation
      6. External circulation
      7. Other types of motion
      8. Comparison with analytical theory
    10. The 3:1 and 7:4 resonances
    11. Additional resonances and resonance splitting
    12. Resonant encounters
      1. Encounters with first-order resonances
      2. Encounters with second-order resonances
    13. The dynamics of capture and evolution in resonance
    14. Two-body resonances in the solar system
      1. The Titan-Hyperion resonance
      2. The Mimas-Tethys resonance
    15. Resonant encounters in satellite systems
    16. Three-body resonance
    17. The Laplace resonance
    18. Secular and resonant motion
    19. LONGSTOP Uranus
    20. Pulsar planets
    21. Exercises
  9. Chaos and Long-term Evolution
  10. Planetary Rings
  1. Appendix - Solar System Data
  2. Appendix - Expansion of the Disturbing Function
  3. References (PDF)
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